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One of the worst issues any household can experience is termite infestation. These silent destroyers slowly and gradually chew through your wallpapers, flooring, and wood.

Fortunately, our professionals can help eliminate the problem regardless of the damage extent and severity.

Mad Termite Experts has a history of successful Madison termite control cases. Because termite infestation is pretty common in the US, thousands of customers have reached out to us till now for help.

We have dealt with mild to moderate and severe cases and haven’t failed to please our customers. Our professionals inspect the termite damage severity and use a suitable solution to control pests.

We blend Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with our unique termite control techniques to remove termites. Our goal doesn’t focus solely on termite elimination. Instead, we aim to identify the root cause of the problem.

For instance, your home structure may have cracks or locked moisture that could be encouraging termite growth.

Having treated a plethora of cases in the past, our termite inspection professionals seek to eliminate the problem source. This prevents termite growth in the future.

We also detect the termite type and take preventive measures accordingly. The diet, affect, habitat, and prevention techniques of different termite types vary significantly.

As such, a single treatment method doesn’t work for all. Our skilled team at Mad Termite Experts of Madison determines the termite infestation type and takes preventive measures accordingly.

Termite problems in Madison

Every homeowner styles their property to fit their unique tastes. From quality flooring to trendy wallpapers and cozy bedding to silky drapes, we take steps to make our home a haven. Beyond that, we take measures to keep our home tidy and hygienic. While these steps help us create a peaceful home environment, a few unexpected events cause unwanted troubles for us. One such problem that tops the list of annoying issues that Madison homeowners face is termites. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider it a terrible nightmare for families.

You might have spent thousands of dollars installing top-notch wooden doors, windows, and furniture. But unfortunately, the notorious termites take only a few hours to cause structural damage.

Even worse, once your home gets exposed to termites, they continue to form colonies, and the structural damage caused by them is often irreparable.

Nonetheless, recognizing termite infestation at the right time helps you save your money. As soon as you spot termites in your home, you must get in touch with a professional termite exterminator in Madison, Wisconsin to mitigate the problem.

We are one of the reputable termite inspection providers in Madison. Our experts access the termite damage extent and design an appropriate action plan to prevent the problem.

We aim to treat the current termite problem and offer genuine solutions to keep your home from pest infestation in the future.

How to prevent termite damage in your Madison property?

Taking early steps to keep termites out of your home is way better than trying to eliminate them after infestation. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shares tips to make your home less vulnerable to termites.

During construction:

  • Leave ventilation space between wood and soil and consider using a concrete foundation.
  • Enclose open wood surfaces using a metal barrier or sealant.

After construction:

  • Keep the soil surrounding your Madison home dry through a proper drainage system. This includes maintaining downspouts and gutters.
  • Keep plants and vents free from unwanted obstruction.
  • Do not grow shrubs and trees too close to your home. Also, avoid exposing wood surfaces to plants.
  • Eliminate openings that allow termites to access your home. This might require you to fill in the cracks.

Further, the National Pest Management Association also shares guidelines to prevent termite infestation during the spring season.

  • Inspect your Madison home for mud tubes, rotting wood, damaged structures, and visible termite existence.
  • Nothing attracts termites more than water. So, make sure you remove moisture sources to limit the chances of their presence.
  • Avoid stacking piles of firewood closer to your home. Also, if you’ve bought some and want to keep them closer to your property, do not forget to inspect them for termites. Otherwise, you might be introducing termites to your home yourself.
  • Consider discarding old grade stakes and boards from your property as they might encourage termite growth.
  • On spotting visible termite infestation signs, call a licensed professional organization immediately.

What are termites?

Termites, with over 2,750 species, are widely distributed worldwide. Most of their species exist in tropical rainforests, but they are also found in North America, British Columbia, Maine, and Eastern Canada.

These tiny insects are typically less than half-inch in size. In fact, you may not even identify them as insects with a naked eye; they appear like dust particles. Data reveals that termites cause over $5 billion in property damage each year. They feed on cellulose paper and wood items during the spring season.

Therefore, the Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), a pest control organization, designates the second week of March as Termite Awareness Week.

The awareness week focuses on educational campaigns and programs throughout social media channels to enlighten people about this silent home destroyer.

Let’s look at some exciting termite facts to learn more.

  • Mature termite colonies include 60,000 to 1 million termites. Nonetheless, this can differ depending on the termite colony type.
  • The king and the queen hold a prominent position in termite colonies. However, the colonies aren’t limited to these; several other castes include workers, reproductives, and soldiers.
  • When a reproductive termite wants to reproduce, they grow wings and fly away for mating purposes. This gives birth to a new colony.
  • The female and male termites are called “swarmers” and “alates.”
  • Alates typically have wings that go missing in soldiers and worker termites.
  • 50 out of the 2750 species of termites are found in the United States. Among them, 20 are infamous for causing structural damage to properties.

Getting in touch with a professional termite company

While preventive measures beforehand offer an excellent way to avoid the vexing pest infestation issue. If you fail to protect your home, there’s nothing better than contacting a termite treatment company in Madison, Wisconsin .

Our Madison termite removal professionals are skilled at termite elimination. They spot the visible and hiding termite on your property and carefully handle its removal.

Slight negligence during termite elimination might damage the structures further. Our expert team, however, manages the entire process cautiously.

This minimizes structural damage and lowers the risk of termite spread in your home. We also identify the source of termite infestation and share tips to protect your property from pests in the future. Contact us to speak with one of our contractors and get Pest Control Madison treatment today!

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